Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Displate Proof!

It was my birthday a little while ago and I had a fantastic time. To top it off I received the first editions of my own work on Displate as a present! Remember this post ---> I'm on Displate!
That's me! It feels very strange and official! So please check out the Displate website, not only is my work on there, there are loads of other fantastic illustrators who's work is breathtaking. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hey, it's been a while …

Hi there guys! So firstly let me start by apologising for not being around recently. For one reason or another the past few weeks have kept me doing other things, the main one being my Exercise to Music course. 
Secondly I have been very busy drawing! And not posting! At first I was aiming to do some more Christmas Cards, which I'm now not 100% sure they'll be ready in time, to trying to finish my commission and as I've already mentioned, crazily revising and studying for my ETM Course. (Sorry, that just deserved to be mentioned twice!)

But I am back now and hopefully around for a little longer so here are a few sneak peeks, if you haven't been following me on instagram, for what's coming up!