Thursday, 28 November 2013

Second Dummy Book

Here is another dummy book I've been working on. I really liked the style of the first one I posted so I thought I continue the style (although in a different medium to what I'd like to use for my final, still comes through in a similar style) but arrange and present the text in a slightly different way.

I've used oil pastel over the black pen but before I ran a paint brush over it with water so we still get the resistant effect.

Go back a few Weeks ...

 Adjusting the cats position

I'd intended to put these spreads up a few weeks back. I had so many images of flowers and cats separately that I thought I should start putting them together, unfortunately I really struggled and totally lost momentum in my work. Here they are anyway as part of my development. Luckily I found my feet again a little bit when doing the dummy books which bizarrely I couldn't do at the start of the project.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

For Nan and Mum

My most recent dummy book. I would like to mention again that this is in loving memory of Nan who sadly passed away with Pancreatic Cancer. I know she's here watching me - she's helping me do this book for mum x

I think in terms of dummy books I put a little too much detail into this but I'm still very pleased with the outcome and you get to see the text with the images too! It's still a rough idea - I plan to do the final thing in colour, but this looks better than 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Luke Best

 We had a talk this morning by Luke Best who I have to say and many would agree with me is a fantastic illustrator. He gave us a (probably) very brief talk which just touched on his work. 

To me he was a very interesting character because he didn't particularly like things which became neat which I think personally I can't always do myself. However, that didn't stop his images from being amazing. Along the way he also managed out his style of work onto many things. he is part of a collective called 'Peep Show', he has created comic books and also turned his work into wood cuts and textiles although mainly he creates editorials.

I have here some of the work which he presented us with today, many which were inspired by some unusual things and recent events. I love that he's not afraid of something which is slightly ugly and crooked and how he depicts his work. It was very inspirational to listen to someone who has quietly always stood by their style of work.

Here is some work he created for 'The Beautiful South' These were pieces which he had already created and they wanted to use but he even said that he doesn't like to re-use work, so he re-created these images for them.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Black and White

Same images but in black and white! It's amazing how much it can change the mood and intensity of an image.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Three Hydrangea's

This is similar to my previous posts. Experimenting with the images I already had but in different ways. I think with a few more adjustments in colour perhaps, where to put the image on the page and size these could be very effective. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

On a Canvas

Experimenting with the images I already had. Just playing around to see what different effects I could get. See what you think?