Monday, 30 September 2013


I was flitting between ideas and here is another one of them. Cards! I just wanted to see what my designs or characters would look like as card designs, similar to Me-To-You bears for example. so here are the few that I put together.


I had to go back to my textile and fashion routes at some point. It happened when I came across these samples which I had actually done about a year ago or so on the heat press. The plan was to make a collage or some sort of creation where I could print onto a tshirt and use it potentially on other textiles etc. The quality in these pictures isn't very good so I must apologise here. I am hoping to include some images where I have printed onto a tshirt or some clothing.

Friday, 27 September 2013

oh comely

Another magazine I came across while hunting for a new one. I suddenly thought I always get stuck with the same old magazines and I needed to expand my knowledge on them. Perhaps it sounds silly putting it like that but I don't want to always get stuck with the common mags which all the girls read. So I found this one - 'oh comely'. It seems very creative and craft-like and very suitable for illustration students. I quite like it and so am going to subscribe for a little while to see if I can get into it or not.

It's filled with some beautiful decoration illustration. Each page you don't know what to expect. 

There is also a huge range between the types of illustration and the materials used. Here is an advert for a sewing. 

Dark Watercolours

Back to some of the development now and I started to go along the same lines as the Macmillan project where I used a mix of watercolour, tissue paper, metallic paper, water colour pencils and pen. However I started the drawings and in comparison to the pencil which I had started, it didn't seem to work as well. With time in mind now I decided to go back to the pencil but make a few changes in terms of detail along the way. 

My Art is a pile of Rubbish!

Rubbish! How amazing is this!? So okay, I know I'm drifting a little from my project but with this sort of idea what's to stop me from using sweet wrappers etc to create my dragons. I can imagine how brilliant and interesting this would look once scanned and printed as a book, plus it's also recycling which potentially could always be used as an advert or a good way of making the world aware of this kind of pollution. 

Here are some of the first images of how I'd actually like my book to look. I think there would definitely need to be some more detail added and also half way into putting these together I realised that I'd done the drawings on A4 paper. I honestly think I was so excited to get started I didn't really think what size I wanted to do it on. However, I am pleased that I did these in a lot of detail as it allowed me to figure out what was going to work and what wasn't. 

Trends with Benefits

I came across this blog from Company magazine which bizarrely considering that I'm generally useless when it comes to blogging and technology,  I absolutely love. Three girls, Emily, Kate and Kendall, who simply met at uni and have been friends ever since. The twist is that despite having studied a range of different subjects they also love making things, and from that have put together a very successful and inspiring blog. I've been flowing this through the summer and I have to say even though not all their ideas are original, the outcome always is. They have a little bit of fashion which definitely keeps us all interested but mainly they have step by step ideas on little things to make, which are easy fun and totally personal. It's the type of blog which captivates my attention and I wanted to include it as part of my research for no reason other than that I like it.

Scales and pattern

I felt as though I needed a brief break from all the development which involved the book making so I actually went back to some of the research I had done from Eagle Heights and London Zoo. Randomly on inspiration I created these patterns which is almost completely copying the patterns on the reptiles anyway. However the difference is that I copied them onto acetate thinking I'd be able to do something else with them. Perhaps I could use this later in the project or for future development.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Meet the woman who has it Nailed

I know this is a slight change from my dragons however as I'm very captivated by decoration and detail I was interested when I came across this article a few weeks back. Sharmadean Reid who is the founder of Wah Nails has created a now huge and successful business because her nail designs are so completely different. I absolutely love this idea that you can create any kind of art anywhere in a very inventive way. She's very inspirational and I love the fact that she has created a business out of something which she is hugely passionate about. 

Dummy Books

Here are a few double page spreads from the dummy books I had been working on. They're very brief sketches just so I can plan and generally map out how I want things to look like. I don't think I'll have to spend too long on this stage in the development as I have previous books (although nowhere near as well made and developed) which have the rough story planned.

Character Doodles

Here are some of the ideas I had not only as a possibility for our main character but also as a possibility for future books. The idea I'd always had from the beginning was that I would be able to create more than one book eventually. So if not for the book I'm currently working on, hopefully these ideas will work out in later stories.