Monday, 30 June 2014

Tiger Reinvented!

Only a quick post but I wanted to show you guys a little image that I'd changed (hopefully for the better) as prep for my P3 exhibition. I hope you like it! Click here to go back to the original and see the difference. Thank goodness for photoshop and thank goodness I've finally started to get the hang of it!

Some projects are underway so I will do my best to keep you updated! ;) 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Leaping out the Frame

We all come across random pages that we 'like' on Facebook but I have to say that I really enjoy the posts I receive from my most recent find Bored Panda. It's an Arts and Humanities website and literally posts about anything within this these topics - most of it mind blowing. It's very inspirational to say the least and certainly makes me want to do something, I just don't always know what!? But maybe that something will come eventually. 

One of their recent posts is about an artist who creates embroidered pieces of art that fall or continue to move out from the frame. Ana Teresa Barboza creates these beautiful pieces by weaving different threads together to create a landscape that literally spills out away from the original canvas. Almost as though two worlds are moulding, the one in the frame and our one - if you get what I mean. The time and skill required for these is incredible and it's a talent I would certainly love to have. 

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Sorry for the delay in getting these up. I thought that I may have a chance to rest a bit over the coming week but it turns out I was wrong! Plus, I had no access to my laptop so many apologies there guys. 
But better late than never … here are the photos of prep for the degree show and also the final result! It was a huge success and I'm so very thrilled to say that my book went down a treat. Honestly, when put in these situations, I can't help but look at everyone else's work and admire them, but I'm so pleased to be able to say that my work held its own and there were many who enjoyed it. I was even fortunate enough to have a few enquiries about buying it which was far more than I was expecting! 

If you would like to purchase a copy of 'Clever Rat' then please get in touch! Contact me either via email or Facebook. Ciao :) x

Stressful prep - trying to get a white wall to look white!

Monkey always cheers me up

Trial and error - emergency printing! More animals needed!

Final presentation

Show time! - the evening
Surrounding my space - so pleased I was popular :) thanks guys!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Show Invite

I have attached the invite that one of my fellow Illustration students designed for the exhibition, Jess Whatmore. Check out her work!


So some more exciting news … I guess it's official now, I am an Illustrator. The business cards and postcards say it all! 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Marta Spendowska

How beautiful are these! If only I could paint people, I wouldn't mind swapping places with this lady. I had to share this post from especially as I felt that her mark making was along the same ideas as my own - just better! She's used watercolour to make suggestions about features on the face but we (as the audience still know exactly what it is). Very clever, creative and beautiful to look at. 

While I'm on here just another quick mention. So terribly sorry for not posting in a while. I've been busy with getting ready for my Degree Show! I will keep you guys updated from now on, prep photos and finals to follow! If you're in London do come along - it's going to be AWSOME! (details to follow shortly)