Wednesday, 25 February 2015

In the Frow

I ment to post this ages ago! But here it is now … 
Another of my favourite bloggers, vloggers, stylists (especially as my fashion sense isn't the best - I usually go for comfortable and super casual). Soemtimes I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair purple or pink. You guys probably already know about her but like the lovely Melon Lady, I decided to draw Victoria a portrait. It's helping me keep up my practice, plus I'm enjoying it

Monday, 16 February 2015

Helen Anderson

As you all know I've been setting myself mini projects, some a week, some only a day and one of which was to draw a portrait of amazing blogger Helen Anderson. I've been following her for a while now and I have to say I always look forward to what she's been up to. She seems such a fun loving person and has been one of the main inspirations for me to push my illustration work. It's encouraging to see someone who's made a career out of doing the things she loves and I don't see why I can't do the same. 
Here's a link to her video blogs and her website. If you don't know about her yet then you really should! She's awesome!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My First Commission

I have been wanting to post this piece for so long, but of course my customer has the right to see this first before everyone else. With Christmas out the way and being well into the new year here it is! This piece was based on her 4 sons, who each picked an animal, which I then represented in a slightly abstract, relaxed scene. I've never created a piece of work like this before so it was a challenge. But having said that, I do enjoy a challenge and I'm pleased that I had the opportunity to work on something like this.