Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Thought I'd try Cards

Literally what the title says. Such a simple way to get my artwork going I guess, not a very profitable one, certainly not at the moment, but getting my head round the whole idea none the less. The ones I had printed are the ones I had already drawn so unfortunately nothing special for Halloween or Christmas - which is what I really wanted to happen. But as we all know, work and other things get in the way. 
So, these are what I have, just to get my work out there! It's  small start and I do have plans for taking it further, it just may not happen until the New Year now. But do let me know what you think, the support and help has always been great and if you fancy some, contact me on Facebook, anything to do with Dance and Drawing, my favourite place to dance and draw!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Displate Proof!

It was my birthday a little while ago and I had a fantastic time. To top it off I received the first editions of my own work on Displate as a present! Remember this post ---> I'm on Displate!
That's me! It feels very strange and official! So please check out the Displate website, not only is my work on there, there are loads of other fantastic illustrators who's work is breathtaking. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hey, it's been a while …

Hi there guys! So firstly let me start by apologising for not being around recently. For one reason or another the past few weeks have kept me doing other things, the main one being my Exercise to Music course. 
Secondly I have been very busy drawing! And not posting! At first I was aiming to do some more Christmas Cards, which I'm now not 100% sure they'll be ready in time, to trying to finish my commission and as I've already mentioned, crazily revising and studying for my ETM Course. (Sorry, that just deserved to be mentioned twice!)

But I am back now and hopefully around for a little longer so here are a few sneak peeks, if you haven't been following me on instagram, for what's coming up!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


So I have started! Remember that animal project I keep going on about? Yeah well I'm on the final thing! It's so exciting! 
Unfortunately I don't yet have the luxury of drawing all day every day, I have a normal job too, which has taken up a fair amount of my time recently which of course I don't mind but I also have to do it. So! Now I have a few days off I can start this piece. I have to say how fortunate I am as the lady i'm doing this piece for has been absolutely fantastic! She's been very patient with me and been really happy to give me all the information I need so I can achieve a piece that she wants. She has been extremely supportive and for that I can't thank her enough!
So, here are a few snaps from yesterdays work, I will be continuing with it today and tomorrow. Don't worry guys, I'll keep you posted, plus there should be (I hope) other bits and bobs along the way!

Amusing myself - it was actually for instagram which I'm getting used to, so felt like taking a stupid picture ;P Follow me  -  Kat_Giannini xx

Monday, 20 October 2014

This Cat Trying to Destroy my Laptop!

I guess there always things that get in the way of illustration!

Patterns Galore!

So, can you guess what I've been up to? Just another teaser ;) x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Skeletons on Halloween

Another great reason to check out Bored Panda! What are you going to do for Halloween? I have a black cat who is pretty much a witches cat and a banshee anyway, but unfortunately I don't think she's let me paint her. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

I'm on Displate!

Some fantastic news - I'm on Displate.com. Please check it out. They are a brilliant company that sell metal canvases with many other amazing artists which are 100% worth looking at too! It probably sound s a little different and because it is. By simply placing magnets on the wall it makes it so much easier to change the canvases you hang as often as you want. I guess this is a little bit of trial and error for me but hopefully it'll be a great place to start. If there's anything you've seen of my work that you think I could upload and sell as artwork please let me know and I'll put it up. 

Just type in my name and you'll find me!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Jumping out of a Plane!

Remember this??? Nan's Poem
Well at the time I was also supposed to do a skydive which was in aid of Pancreatic Cancer. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to poor weather conditions and low cloud which of course I can understand - I'd rather not land with a splat on the ground! But a year on, my friend and I have finally done it! And without a doubt it was the most amazing, fantastic and surreal experience I've ever had. I literally felt like I was flying I just didn't have any wings. 

So it's safe to say that I have every intention of doing it again at some point and I also have every intention of recreating Nan's Poem also in aid of Pancreatic Cancer. Despite the disappointing reaction from my tutors at university about this project at the time, I believe that I can do it better than before, and hopefully still achieve it with the goal of raising some more money for Pancreatic Cancer. So watch out - there will be more on the way, hopefully in the not too distant future!


Not too sure about this one. My best skill isn't drawing people so I thought I'd challenge myself doing a full on portrait. Theres aspects I'm really pleased with and others I'm not sure about but it was good to do anyway. Theres never any harm in doing different things :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

One Day Project - Silence

So back to Illustration Friday now and this time the piece I uploaded wasn't actually intended for this topic but I thought it fitted the subject so well I may as well go for it. Won't tell you yet what it's actually for but at least you can have a look at the final thing!

Monday, 6 October 2014


Still inspired by my Werewolf and Medusa images I decided to continue with the fantasy theme. I did need a body to refer to when drawing these so it became a case of me awkwardly taking pictures of myself first and using the photos as references and altering them accordingly. But, I am quite happy with how these came out. they're part experiment, part possible finals.

Work in progress … 

I didn't have my dip pen so simply used a pencil instead!