Friday, 8 January 2016


Welcome to my new website and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
I hope that 2016 brings you all everything that you're after and that it's a good year filled with fantastic and inspiring things! Things that make us want to live, because no matter what we're doing or what we go through - living life to its fullest, doing what we love and sharing it with the people we treasure is the very best way we should spend it!

I am so very excited to share my website with you guys! Please check it out, have a look, and a good ol scroll! It's my first real go at putting one together and cannot contain myself - it means I'm another step closer to officially being up and running as a freelance illustrator! In many aspects I'm doing it now but there are many things I feel I need to do first. So! For now, here it is - the next step to pushing for  career that I love so much I could burst! 

Many things from 2015 motivated me and inspired me - my boyfriend, my mum, dad and my brother, my push into dance fitness classes and my illustration. I had a brilliant year and all those things helped me get to where I am now. So heres to 2016! I know it'll be great! 

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