Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sent off for printing!

On my way to the finish line now, literally! Just like Rat and Ox battling it out for first place. Here is what I've been up to the few days. I've been finishing and putting together the final spreads for the book, basically the pages that I wasn't so worried about at first. In addition to that I've also had to make changes to the other pages that I had completed. As always, after taking a break from 'looking' at a piece, it's easier to notice what you could change about it. I will keep you posted for the final stages. By the end of the week I plan on sending my book off to be printed properly!

Sent off for printing!
I am super excited as I have finally sent of the pages I've been showing you guys and been working on for weeks and weeks now, off to be printed! As mentioned before I've been working on the text too, which I've had to cut down and cut down continuously, plus making changes to the pages I had already done BUT! … I think I could be working on it forever and now I'm finally at a stage where I can say it's ready to be printed. Woohoo! 

So here it is … I hope you enjoy x

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